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Among our clients are:



Projects in renewable energy sector – Transacta actively participates, both on the sell and buy side, in various projects for electricity generation from renewable energy sources. more


Dairy industry – Transacta is the leading advisor in the planned acquisition of one of the ten largest dairy processors in Bulgaria on behalf of a large Bulgarian investor. more


Financial and tax due diligence for one of the biggest investment funds in the world in the attempted acquisition of one of the country's leading juice producers. more


Municipal Bank AD (ongoing) - Transacta is part of consortium as the lead advisor to the Sofia Municipal Privatisation Agency in the process of privatization of a majority stake owned by Sofia Municipality and six municipal companies in the Bank. more

Transacta provided financial services in relation to the acquisition and consolidation of cable operators and internet providers in Bulgaria. more


Bulgarian HR company acquisition - Transacta managed a cross-border team on behalf of Italian HR company in the proposed acquisition of a group of HR companies with presence in Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania. We provided financial and tax due diligence ourselves and legal due diligence trough association with established law firms in the three countries. more


The sale of the sixth largest distributor of pharmaceuticals in Bulgaria. more

Financial due diligence and valuation assistance, in association with Arjil to Groupama, the French insurer, in their attempt to acquire DZI, the largest Bulgarian insurance company - late 2006 and early 2007. more


Landmark Properties, real estate; more

Transacta acted as a subcontractor to Morgan Stanley in the lead advisory project for privatization of Bulgartabac in 2004. more


Transacta advised "Carlsberg Breweries", Denmark in the post acquisition restructuring of its investments in Bulgaria - Shumensko pivo and Pirinsko pivo. more

“Albena” AD, Bulgaria – tourism. more


Preparation of financial model and attracting financing for large infrastructure project of Black Sea Technology Company, gas distributor in Bulgaria. more



“BЧерноморска Технологична Компания” АД, дистрибуция на природен газ и др.;